Here’s why Apple might be finally looking to enter crypto payments

Apple might be getting ready to accept crypto payments, here's why

Apple eyeing crypto, Goldman calls Bitcoin an ‘investable asset’, Carl Icahn to enter crypto in a "big way”, Ark buys $20 million Bitcoin

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Quick Take:

  • Apple looking for crypto experience

  • Billionaire Carl Icahn wants to get in to crypto

  • Ray Dalio say he prefers Bitcoin over bonds

  • Goldman Sachs: Bitcoin is now an investable asset class

  • PayPal plans to let users withdraw crypto to third-party wallets

  • Ark Invest buys $20 million Bitcoin

  • GameStop to build its own NFT platform on Ethereum

  • Jiang Zhuoer: ‘Situation in China not as serious as you think’

Apple looking for crypto experience in ‘Alternative Payments’ job post

Apple has hinted at a growing interest in cryptocurrency, as it seeks new talent for its payments division.

According to a recent job listing, Apple is looking to hire a business development manager with experience in crypto to lead its “alternative payments” partnership program.

Apple said candidates should have five years or more “working in or with alternative payment providers, such as digital wallets, BNPL [buy now pay later], Fast Payments, cryptocurrency and etc.” 

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn says he wants to get involved in crypto in a "relatively big way”

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn revealed his interest in getting into cryptocurrency in a “big way,” and may eventually put more than $1 billion into the space.

Speaking on May 26, Icahn explained he's now considering a large investment and that entering the market in such a manner would “not be to buy a few coins or something”. While it’s currently unclear wether Icahn intends to directly purchase crypto assets or instead invest in crypto infrastructure and businesses, he stated:

“I mean, a big way for us would be a billion dollars, billion-and-a-half dollars ... I'm not going to say exactly."

Ichan wasn’t the only billionaire investor to signal his interest in cryptocurrencies this week. Speaking at Consensus, Ray Dalio revealed he owned some Bitcoin and went as far as to say he’d "rather have bitcoin than a bond."

Goldman Sachs: Bitcoin is now considered an investable asset class

"Bitcoin is now considered an investable asset. It has its own idiosyncratic risk, partly because it’s still relatively new and going through an adoption phase," said Mathew McDermott, Goldman Sachs' global head of digital assets, in a new research report.

"And it doesn’t behave as one would intuitively expect relative to other assets given the analogy to digital gold; to date, it’s tended to be more aligned with risk-on assets. But clients and beyond are largely treating it as a new asset class, which is notable—it’s not often that we get to witness the emergence of a new asset class."

”There’s no doubt that FOMO is playing a role given how much #bitcoin and other crypto assets have appreciated and how many interested parties of all flavors have jumped into this space.”

“If you’re an asset manager or running a macro fund and your closest rivals are all investing [in cryptocurrency] and seeing material returns, your investors will naturally wonder why you are not investing [in the asset class].”

PayPal plans to let users withdraw cryptocurrency to third-party wallets

PayPal Vice President Jose Fernandez da Ponte said at CoinDesk’s Consensus 2021 conference on Wednesday, that PayPal is working on a crypto withdrawal function:

“We understand there is more utility to those tokens if you can move them around, so we are definitely exploring how we can let people transfer crypto to and from their PayPal addresses.

“We want to make it as open as possible, and we want to give choice to our consumers, something that will let them pay in any way they want to pay,” da Ponte said. “They want to bring their crypto to us so they can use it in commerce, and we want them to be able to take the crypto they acquired with us and take it to the destination of their choice.”

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